A partial list of my interests

   Animal and plant anatomy, natural history, scientific illustration, ancient books and images, early photography and alternative photographic processes, randomization and layering, papermaking and marbling, handwriting, typography and calligraphy, macrophotography and microscopy, object manufactured before the invention of plastics, abandoned buildings and industrial archaeology, kaleidoscopes and magic lanterns, funhouse mirrors and other distortion devices, myths. opinions, hypotheses and anecdotes about the underworld, still life, abstractism, expressionism and children¹s book illustration, paedomorphism and androgyny, hybrids and chimerae, rust, rot, mould and decay.


I have always beeen fascinated by the forms through which matter expresses itsaelf, by their intimate and alien beauty and by the inexplicable affinities which link them to each other beyond any superficial differences of dimension, function or chemical composition. Very early I started collecting unusual object with which I constructed my personal Wunderkammers; some ot these compositions are on display in ³Imaginary Gardens².


Photography focused my research on two more abstract formal components: colour and texture. From this process arose the images in ³Natural Abstractions².


My encounter with digital assemblage techniques allowed me to distil the essence of the objects I am drawn to and to express the nature of the relationships I perceive in a precise and concentrated way which would be difficult to attain through a different medium. ³Variable Dimensions² documents the results of this research.